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Simpson Jones, The Virtual Legal Practice Management Service for Barristers

Simpson Jones is a new virtual legal practice management service established by Louise Jones, a legal administrator with in excess of 25 years legal experience, 20 of which have been spent supporting barristers from their time as Junior Counsel, through to taking Silk and appointment as a High Court Judge.

Louise has an in-depth understanding of the different administrative needs of barristers, and she and her team would be happy to organise and manage your practice behind the scenes so that you can spend your time working in and developing your legal practice.

Streamline Your Legal Practice with Barrister CMS: The Legal Case Management Software for Barristers in Ireland & Northern Ireland

In addition to offering our practice management services, we are also sole distributors of Barrister CMS, a fantastic new legal case management software that will streamline the management of your practice in an organised and time efficient manner.

Although there are a wide array of legal PAs/VAs and executives, many of these are generalists. Simpson Jones specialises in working with barristers. Louise has worked for many barristers over the last two decades in a wide range of practice areas and at different stages of practice. She has a keen understanding of life at the Bar and uses her skills and expertise to support her barrister clients.

Specialising in Supporting Barristers with Practice Management

Practising as a barrister can be a very lonely profession. Working late into the night and weekends researching, drafting and preparing for consultations or for Court is a job in and of itself. Remembering deadlines and juggling multiple requests from solicitors in the digital age, where information is instantaneous, and turnaround expectations are increasingly shorter, can be draining. Adrenalin can only get you so far.

Nowadays, barristers, aside from practising law, are carrying out roles traditionally occupied by secretaries/PAs and bookkeepers. Ironically, very few have training in these areas. This can be easily managed when you are starting out in practice, but it is difficult to maintain in the long term. Ultimately, something will give. Whether that be a reduction in instructions from a solicitor due to continued delays in meeting deadlines, missing multiple billable pieces of work when submitting a fee note due to inadequate recording or less time with family and friends, there is a loss. The work-life balance can tilt too far.

Simpson Jones’ services are designed to meet this need by offering their services to barristers who are not quite in a position to employ a permanent secretary of PA.

Whats Our Clients Say

Due to the nature of the barristers’ profession all testimonials have been anonymised.  All testimonials are verified.

Whats Our Clients Say

Due to the nature of the barristers’ profession all testimonials have been anonymised.  All testimonials are verified.